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San Diego Bowen Theory Conference

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Time: 9:00 am ‐ 5:00 pm

Conference Site: Brandman University ‐ San Diego Campus, 7460 Mission Valley Road San Diego, CA 92108

Sponsored by Southern CA Education & Training in Bowen Theory

Conference Speaker:

  • Daniel Papero, Ph.D. Senior Faculty from the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington, D.C.

Conference Topic: "...something deep...": Emotion, Perception, and Bias in Bowen Theory

Over the last fifty years researchers have greatly expanded knowledge about the interplay of non-conscious processes and conscious awareness. The contrast between "fast" and "slow" thinking (Kahneman), the knowledge of the non-conscious initiation of action before the awareness of a decision to act (Libet), and the constructionist view of emotion (Barret) are but a few of the many contributions in this area. Greater knowledge has led to more questions and more debate.

Murray Bowen proposed that the human possesses an emotional system, "...something deep...", shared with other living things, that forms the basis of life itself. At the level of mental process and automatic behavior, Bowen likened the emotional system to instinct, a predilection or innate propensity to respond to stimuli. We all have these predilections or biases, presumably reflecting the functioning of the emotional system, leading us to interpret and respond to the biases which, once established, will transition from one to many situations. As the predilections activate, they influence cognition and behavior of all involved.

This conference will explore Bowen's concept of the emotional system in the light of current research and its relevance to family systems theory and psychotherapy.

6.5 CE Credits (#SOU042) ‐ Approved by California Psychological Association ‐ Office of Professional Development to sponsor professional continuing education for CA PSY/LCSW/LMFT.

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